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The Vintage Haven

The Vintage Haven

We always had a passion for picking and curating the most beautiful vintage pieces for our home. We slowly started to have an abundance of goods, that we didn’t know what to do with. When Covid 19 hit our world, we had a lot of products and thought..why not sell it? We started selling on instagram, and then that slowly started turning into having our own booth, pop up markets, flea markets, and live sales.

When we had the opportunity to open an actual storefront, at Vintage Haven, we thought hard about the decision and prayed on it nightly. We felt like God gave us this opportunity to bring our love of vintage goods to the community.

All of the items you see online and, in our shop, are things we personally hand selected for you to bring to life in your own home. We hope you enjoy your new pieces, and we hope to see you in our shop soon.

-Autumn & Riley

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